Holiday in Musina

We were thankful to take a holiday this past week in Musina, the town bordering Zimbabwe. It was a little over an hour drive—a perfect distance away. We spent our time relaxing, playing with the kids, reading books, teaching Caleb and Colin some fundamentals of swimming, and taking nature walks. The region is full of baobab trees, which you will see highlighted in many of the pictures, as well as some interesting bugs. We were only sad we couldn’t stay longer. We came back a day early, as Seth was asked to speak at a funeral for our neighbors. Ita vita African. It was truly hard to leave Friday afternoon to come back to the village and the rush of ministry and homeschooling!


These are beautiful short trees that we took some cuttings from and hope to plant at our new church property.



What kind of bug is this? A spider? Tick? It had 8 legs, and we saw them all over the place on our walks. They were so bright. The employee told me they were “Merry Christmas.” 🙂


I have never seen so many millipedes in one place. The first day I kept asking Colin if he wanted to do __, and he would mutter back, “No, I’m curling millipedes.”


Colin, in the crook of a baobab root.


This baobab’s interesting scar made a perfect frame for Caleb’s photo shoot. Caleb’s variations of the word “baobab” throughout the week were a hoot.


Callie to the rescue. She’s not afraid of those bright red spidery thingies.


This baobab tree had steps inside it! Perfect for climbing!


Carson looks sooo small next to this baobab tree. I don’t have too many pictures of him. He slept through the vacation. 🙂


Boys and baobab. (Callie had no patience for posing.)


In the cleft of a rock. No!–a baobab tree!


About Amy

I'm Amy, a missionary wife and mother of four children, blogging about our lives and perspectives on culture in South Africa.
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3 Responses to Holiday in Musina

  1. I just love the photos. I am so glad you could get away and have some quality family time away. You deserve the break.

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