2013 Goals

I brainstormed some New Year’s goals for 2013—at least on this side of the year. 🙂 What are yours? Do you have any this year?

1.    Regular Bible reading.
Does it surprise you that this would be at the top of a missionary’s list? Considering that I haven’t slept for something like 6 years now ;), along with a schedule constantly in fluctuation depending on the stages of my ever-so-needy babies, this has been a difficult spiritual discipline to maintain. But it is SO important! So I’m putting it at the top of my list again, and I think that much of this problem can be improved by accomplishing my next goal…

2.    Shift schedule to go to bed and wake up earlier. This will help with #1 and #3.

3.    Lose weight and maintain exercising.
Lots of babies close together and exhaustion have inhibited a healthy lifestyle; I’d like to get back on track with this. I used to run, but the setting in the village is NOT conducive to that—long story.

4.    Prayer for husband and children.
How many minutes do I waste in my day on “twaddle” or blanking out? I need to channel those quiet moments into being a prayer warrior on my family’s behalf.

5.    Keep up with correspondence/blogging (2-3 times a week).
I put correspondence and blogging together, since much of my blogging is my attempt to correspond efficiently and regularly with family and friends.

6.    SMS and call ladies in church more.

7.    Reading—going to make a list of books to read for this year, but some of that will depend on furlough as well.

8.    Vomanana va Tintswalo—our monthly ladies’ Bible study—start lessons 2 weeks in advance. I let this slide a bit on the last two months I taught in 2012 and stressed myself out uncomfortably.

9.    Furlough—seek ways to serve; brainstorm ideas on how to do this.

10.    Arrange piano piece or find a piece or two to play in the States on furlough.

11.    Begin researching/arranging songs for catechisms—this is a project I’m looking into—arranging songs to help children memorize a Baptist catechism. There are songs for Westminster, but none for Baptist or Heidelberg to my knowledge.

12.    Organize children’s memory work folder.

13.    Organize Zotero (a software program to help organize your library and bibliographical info), iTunes, and Kindle.
Children’s goals:
1.    Make lists and prioritize needs of what to get in the States.
2.    Read books every day to Callie and Colin and start including Carson.
3.    Get them listening to more music. (This goes with organizing iTunes.)

Caleb—some overlap on these:
1.    Assess two times a year what character traits and Christian growth issues should be focused on.
2.    Homeschool consistently, but not too much. 🙂
3.    Emphasize play outside—bike-riding, but also more with ball.
4.    Pick a piano curriculum (probably Faber Piano Adventures).
5.    Study how to teach him to sing on pitch and begin. This makes me so sad! Poor kid can’t sing (he does a resemblance of staying on pitch if he sings by himself—beginning in his own key).
6.    Have him start listening to more on audio (stories, Bible, music).
7.    Finish all curriculum choices for the year.
8.    Get him reading independently.
9.    Get him reading or listening to Bible every day.
10.    Teach proper manners.
11.    Begin chore chart—teach to fold clothes, wash dishes, tie shoes, and sweep. Handicrafts?

1.    Obedience training.
2.    Teach proper manners (focus on friendliness).
3.    Push him more with Tsonga, work ethic, responsibility, caring for others.
4.    Play more outside.
5.    Begin chore chart—teach to fold some clothes, help take out compost and trash, and dust?
6.    Finish Letter of the Week and ABeka K4.

1.    Read to her more.
2.    Toilet-train.
3.    Wean off pacifier.
4.    Obedience training.
5.    Teach her to enjoy playing outside.
6.    Look at some toddler toys for her and Carson for homeschooling sanity.
7.    Teach to pick up toys, dress herself, and wash hands.

1.    Start reading to him.
2.    Be consistent with discipline.
3.    Toddler toys for homeschool.

About Amy

I'm Amy, a missionary wife and mother of four children, blogging about our lives and perspectives on culture in South Africa.
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14 Responses to 2013 Goals

  1. Amy says:

    Sorry, I couldn’t get some of the enters and margins formatted properly. 😦

  2. A great list of goals! As for me, I’ve only one: to speak at all times in a normal and pleasant tone of voice without anger, impatience or sarcasm toward my children no matter what my inner mood might be. Pray for me, too! -Kelley

  3. Ann Bedford says:

    Great goals Amy. Gave me some ideas for mine that I had not thought of like praying for my husband and children during my dwadle time.

  4. Katie says:

    Sounds like you are on-track to start the new year out right, Amy. I love goal-setting and list making as both of those help me use my time more wisely than I would without them. Thanks for sharing – helps me know how to pray more specifically for you all!

  5. Katie says:

    You forgot the main goal: VISIT THE GRAHAMS!!!! 🙂

  6. zebranay says:

    I have noticed that much of my year was spent in a form of depression and to compensate I would play relaxing foolish computer games (hidden objects, puzzle solving, scrabble). In reality, I was wasting lots of time and money, games being $5-10 a piece! I have many good books and some long overdue goals I have wanted to accomplish for a few years now that fell by the wayside. Looking at your list I realized I sho anduld be doing so much more (and I don’t mean running around spinning my wheels like i usually do!) My goals have been:

    To READ my Bible more consistently not just when I am in church or looking for a verse.

    Organize my prayer life so that I actually pray for everyone on my list and not in generalities. I know it doesn’t have to be everyday for everyone so I want to make a schedule of family and friends and have a specific time when they are prayed for (this does not count emergencies of course). Note: I did uninstall the computer games from my computer and that is the start.

    I want to be a better witness and example for Dan to encourage him and help him make his changes that are so badly needed and learn more patience to wait for God’s timing.

    I want to finish learning a second language either french or spanish since I started both.

    I want to relearn my french horn, (yes I still have it!) and maybe learn piano as I have a keyboard now.

    I want to start scrapbooking again as that has become my way of logging my history down for future generations.

    I apologize for this being so long but i wanted to put it in words so that I don’t forget them yet again in this new year. Your numbers 4 and 5 really hit home with me too. I will keep you in my prayers dear (that is easy as I already do) and I ask that you do the same for me!

    • Amy says:

      Wow, Mom Buchko, your response was so thoughtful. I appreciate your prayers and will pray for you in these areas as well. I admire your teachable spirit too, that you’re still wanting to learn new things, like languages and music! Let me know if you’d like an adult piano course book–I have an extra level 1 here, if you want (don’t know if you need level 1?) And I want tosee a scrapbook of yours when we come back; that’ll be a mini-deadline for you! 😉

  7. Lovely goals Amy! Very ambitious, you challenge me! And that furlough doesn’t get cancelled!! I know some things are already saved for you, but we just had fun shopping up in here in Michigan this week and hit jackpot at the Goodwill in Oscoda! Got some gifts so far for the kids too. 🙂

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