Beginning a New Year with the Same Ol’

Happy New Year!

I’ve begun working in earnest on my 2013 goals, and just realized that I put 13 goals on my personal resolution list. Now if only I’d put 20 (instead of 30-ish) on the kids’ list, then I’d really have been coordinated! 😉

I explained the event happening with the calendar to Caleb on New Year’s Eve and promised I’d wake him up if I was awake at midnight. Lots of villagers cheer and light up small fireworks at midnight, so both Caleb and Colin woke up to enjoy those. We stood on our porch and pointed at whatever flashes of light we could see. They both asked two minutes later if they could go back to bed. Yeah, that’s about how I feel—okay, Happy New Year…zzzzzz.

I thank the Lord that I anticipated village kids having leftover fireworks in hand the next morning, so that none of our children were hurt when some neighbor kids lit off some firecrackers near our driveway, encouraging our children to come see.

Sadly, we removed our motley assortment of Christmas decorations Tuesday. I knew I wouldn’t have much time later. I couldn’t resist getting one more baby Christmas picture, though…


And we’re also sad that the fruit season is winding down. It seems so short—the fleeting space of time to enjoy watermelon and mangoes—the exported kind of mangoes, not the village kind, with so many strings you feel you need a hip-holder for the dental floss you carry around afterward.

Meet Walter the Watermelon.

Meet Walter the Watermelon.

So, Mom, like, I'm supposed to pose how? Hold this where?

So, Mom, like, I’m supposed to pose how? Hold this where?

Can NOT get a serious picture out of these two fruitcakes.

Can NOT get a serious picture out of these two fruitcakes.

We schooled for three days this week, starting Wednesday. It was a productive week of schooling, if not difficult to start after a break that seemed too full and fast!

Caleb is now running on all systems of language arts, starting spelling this week. Caleb is learning his addition facts for +2 in math, and in science we have begun studying the second day of creation involving the atmosphere. We did a fun experiment showing that fire needs air, and Caleb drew pictures of other items that need air.

The candle's flame inside the jar went out when it used up all the oxygen inside.

The candle’s flame inside the jar went out when it used up all the oxygen inside.

We learned about Abraham in Bible and history, and finally made a mummy, following directions I got from my favorite homeschooling forums on the worldwide web. I didn’t want to mummify a chicken for various somewhat obvious reasons, so we mummified an apple. 😉

We also “met” the string bass this week and had another drawing lesson, yay for me on the latter!

Seth has a gazillion jobs on his plate right now; but he did send out another prayer letter, which I will post here at Ita Vita whenever he writes one. Our newly formed College and Career group just grew in size, as the South African results for who “passed matric” (the youth who passed their examinations to graduate from high school) were released Thursday, and so far, all of our church’s 12th-graders passed this year. The group plans to go to town (30 minutes away) tomorrow to sell Bibles and catechism booklets in an attempt to raise money for our church and for our teammate’s church for our respective building funds. We would appreciate your prayers for an encouraging day of sales!


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I'm Amy, a missionary wife and mother of four children, blogging about our lives and perspectives on culture in South Africa.
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7 Responses to Beginning a New Year with the Same Ol’

  1. kkkjk5 says:

    Go, Amy!! I have goals today–and maybe should start a blog, just to share with you. Don’t know who else would be interested, but I’ll try to take a picture of the kid’s “giving tree” and share with you later.

  2. Melissa P. says:

    The mummified apple intrigues me. Just wanted to say Hi and that I’m following. Will you be up in WI anytime during your vacation?

    • Amy says:

      Thanks! So glad you care about me. 😉 We aren’t planning on being in WI, but it’s possible. (Our teammates parents live in Meno… Falls.) Where are you?

  3. Melissa P. says:

    Near Madison.

  4. Mary says:

    Haha! I love Walter the Watermelon! Cute kiddos too! I have one that will never take a serious picture and one that NEVER smiles.

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