The Rugrat Romp

Sometimes Seth and I play a game–“What was our best purchase EVAH?”

I have sometimes mentioned, “The rugs!” $3, they are ugly bits of cloth pressed together and sold by the Chinese to our benefit of giving each of our infants a place to roll around during their first year of life. They’ve lasted through all of our kids’ baby years, and they provide the best short-term entertainment right before bedtime. I call it the Rugrat Romp. This is a benefit to having a carpet-less house.

IMG_0732 IMG_0740 IMG_0743 IMG_0733IMG_0747 IMG_0744


About Amy

I'm Amy, a missionary wife and mother of four children, blogging about our lives and perspectives on culture in South Africa.
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4 Responses to The Rugrat Romp

  1. Tammy Doiel says:

    I was showing Joshua, and he pointed at Colin and said, “Hey, who’s that?” I said, “Colin!” He answered, “He looks weird! He kind-of looks like me!”

  2. Rhonda says:

    Haha!! Love it!

  3. Those are some happy faces!!

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