A New Decade

Last week I turned 30. Doesn’t entering a new decade of life seem like a good time to reevaluate goals and life direction, as well as to praise the Giver of all good things for His obvious hand, sometimes protecting like a hen her chicks, sometimes comforting, sometimes nudging, of sovereign guidance for 30 years now?

30. I’ve somehow always equated that number with “Mommy” in my mind. 30 is the mommy decade.

I’m already a mommy of four, before reaching 30 years old. How blessed I am! Other women have not been so blessed. Some women have not wanted to be so blessed! I love my children fiercely and am happy to give several decades for them, as long as God helps me and has called me to this service for them.

God has helped me and changed my heart to accept and love being a mother; to not seek after my own things, but after the things of others (small, needy others). Our culture doesn’t value my job, and sometimes I don’t have eyes of faith to see the importance of grinding, often thankless tasks; but God says He gave me four treasures to preserve and polish for Him, and so far, He’s infused me with a happy heart to do it. My mind still struggles to catch up to the number of little tykes running around here some days, but when I can get my mind around it, I’m awed and encouraged.

Being a baby of the family, I don’t always like growing up. Guess I’d better grow up and be responsible now.

Looking back, there are clearly uncomfortable spots in my life that God has used to nudge me out of reliance on others and force me to learn and act for myself. I still don’t know how to put gas in the car, but God has stretched me in so many more important ways. Whether I choose to praise or not, I’m sure He will continue to nudge me out of my self-made comfort nest. And I’m sure He’ll be with me every bit of the way.

30—If I were African, I’d be 75% done with my life by now. Statistically speaking, as an American, I’m less than half done with my life by now.

“So teach us to number our days.” Many people at 30 haven’t even begun life as it counts—a life of faith with Jesus as our highest reality. All praise and glory goes to God for giving me a new heart, a new song, a new tongue to praise Him, and years already lived for Him, not wasted on useless pursuits. I pray He will make me faithful and help me to keep running the race with all my strength; to not quit the battle we’re in, but to fight with renewed vigor for as long as I can, to win even more conquests for Him–before my time is up.


About Amy

I'm Amy, a missionary wife and mother of four children, blogging about our lives and perspectives on culture in South Africa.
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