My Accident-Prone One

Just a few days ago, I read on a FB group for a Christian homeschooling curriculum of a mom’s concern for her daughter that made me chuckle. After reading some missionary biographies, her 9-year old was convinced that all missionaries are martyrs and die a horrible death, and did the rest of us know of more bios like George Muller, who lived “a nice long life serving God and died of old age?”

I responded with a couple of quick tips–“Keep reminding her of the truth and have her listen carefully to missionaries who report to your church. Many missionaries live in fairly modern cities much like America. She’s too young to enjoy my blog, but there are pictures of my children on there–growing up fine so far.” [link to my blog]

Snicker. Then today I’m posting this…

[I decided the picture was too gruesome and removed it. Caleb cut his head.]

Poor Caleb. It hasn’t taken long to find my accident-prone child. At least, I hope he’s accident-prone, and that this isn’t “normal” for all of them! This was not the result of missionary persecution, however, for which I’m very thankful! There were village dogs involved, and a chain that will. not. stay on his bike, and bumpy dirt roads; but in the end, the head collision with the bike handlebars happened in a setting identical to one that could happen anywhere in the world–one that was completely unlooked for and totally unexpected.

Caleb needed 6 stitches and will probably have a scar. He had to endure two shots in the cut to numb it for stitching, and the two stitches closest to his eye were very painful. Dr. said that region is filled with nerves, and that he was a marvelously brave boy to not have to “go to theater” to be stitched. He was treated with “cold drink” (pop), ice cream, and chocolate chip pancakes last night. Stitches come out in two weeks.

It was upsetting to me as a compassionate mommy, and to daddy who walked home with him on his back over hill and dale to try to get home with him faster. (They try to take a bike ride together on Sunday afternoons.) Seth is prone to fainting in stressful medical emergencies, but he only “felt a little woozy two times” in the doctor’s office, so I guess he was “marvelously brave” too. 😉

Upsetting though it was, I had to laugh at the timing of my posting this along with that comment on FB the other day. I am grateful that we aren’t persecuted here, and that we have pretty good medical services, too!

All better!

All better!

When he was four.

When he was four.

When he was three.

When he was three.


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I'm Amy, a missionary wife and mother of four children, blogging about our lives and perspectives on culture in South Africa.
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