Happy Valentine’s Week!

So hard to get them all looking nice at once!

So hard to get them all looking nice at once!

The best "color spectrum" pictures were dark!

The best “color spectrum” pictures were dark!

On Sunday I noticed after dressing the kids that I had dressed them in the full color spectrum, so I took a picture.

I’m glad I did, because after church Caleb had a biking accident that earned him 6 stitches above his right eye!

We had a fun week regardless of the injury. Caleb is learning to write his capital letters in cursive now. His handwriting can tend to regress the further you go down the page and the more tired his hand gets. We got a new table this week, which is also where we do our schooling; and it’s just a hair lower than the old, which probably helps him write more easily. We also started the poem Indian Children, which is specifically American and related to Thanksgiving. “Where we walk to school each day, Indian children used to play…” Oops. Maybe I should have skipped that one!

We learned about the ancient civilizations of China and Africa this week. We read two fun picture books to coincide with those, The Story About Ping and Rhinos for Lunch and Elephants for Supper.

For science we kept daily recording our neat bean experiment. You place a dried bean in a jar, pressed against the glass so you can see it, with a wet paper towel, and put it in a warm place. I propped it up in our kitchen window, which gets warm sunlight in the afternoon. I couldn’t believe how it grew a plant! Today it has hit the top of the jar, and I’ve decided we’ve recorded long enough. I want to plant it tomorrow and see if it continues to grow.

The roots can be seen on the bottom.

The roots can be seen on the bottom.

Recording the bean plant's growth.

Recording the bean plant’s growth.

We also demonstrated how plants draw water through their roots up their stems with this experiment. You place celery in water colored with food coloring and watch the leaves change color as they draw up the water. This is the first experiment this year that has failed. They didn’t change color! Then I dumped more red food coloring in the water and left it overnight, and the next day, you could clearly see the red in the leaves, and a bit of the blue, and you could imagine that you saw some yellow. 🙂 Confessions of a Homeschooler recently did this experiment with daisies and that seemed to work well.





Today we began an experiment with moldy bread. Oh, yeah! I’m a mom now! Got bread molding on my counter, in my fridge, and in our bathroom closet. Please ask me later if I removed that!

We watched a presentation of the song “Jupiter” to see the neat French horns in that piece, as we have begun “meeting” the brass section of the orchestra. We’ve also begun studying the picture “The Burning of the Houses of Parliament.” I tried to do an drawing lesson today, but it was difficult as I hadn’t found the time to read ahead and prepare for it.

Colin learned the letter “L” this week, and the next letter on the schedule is “M”; but we started “V” instead on Thursday, because all the activities were related to Valentine’s Day! We made Valentine’s cookies, Valentine’s cards for Daddy, and read Valentine’s books—Clifford, Franklin, and another. I tried to write a card to Seth while helping the children make theirs. It is really hard to think of anything mushy to say with four little children constantly interrupting!

I need to figure out a way to give Callie some time in the morning! She tries to tag along with everything we’re doing, but you know how inefficient and emotional (and cute) toddlers can be. She brings her stuffed giraffe, pacifier, and blanket, and cuddles up on my lap during the read-aloud after Bible time, and then falls asleep while Caleb reads to me for the day. I love that! But it is inconvenient, as she usually sleeps better in the afternoon if I can get her to wait that long for her nap.

Carson is pulling himself up now!

Carson is pulling himself up now!

Limpopo Bible Institute started this week! I will try to blog about that on Monday, as we still don’t know exactly how many students we have this year, even though we’ve had three days of class already! Ita vita African!

Wednesday and Thursday were hard days for one of our former LBI students. The SA police unfairly threw him in jail. (He’s Zimbabwean.) Seth and our teammate Paul worked very hard to get him released, and it wasn’t looking good. But Thursday, through much effort on Paul’s part, he did get out. I will try to tell the full story later. Oh the luxuries we have that we can even have time and peace to think about and celebrate such a holiday as Valentine’s Day.

Happy Valentine’s Day to you! I hope you had a happy day with your loved ones.

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I'm Amy, a missionary wife and mother of four children, blogging about our lives and perspectives on culture in South Africa.
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  1. kkkjk5 says:

    Love the story of Ping! It is such a cute story!

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