If Mountains Are Puddings…

…then this experiment was successful!

After it "dried" overnight.

After it “dried” overnight.

I tried to make homemade Plaster of Paris for a volcano since we were studying in history possible theories about why the Mycenaeans left the island of Crete. Unfortunately, possible theories about how to make Plaster of Paris didn’t pan out here.

I smushed it up over our bottle anyway...

I smushed it up over our bottle anyway…

...we added ingredients...

…we added ingredients…

...and watched the explosion!

…and watched the explosion!

We also studied about the early Greeks this week and the term “barbarian.” We spent time on Ezra and Nehemiah for Bible, corresponding with our history, the time of the Jews in captivity. Caleb has almost completed memorizing Psalm 34:8-19.

All formations of cursive letters have been introduced now, so Caleb will just be practicing the rest of the year; my instruction just got much easier in that regard. In phonics, we’re excited that Caleb is reading bigger words now that we’re practicing syllabication and suffixes. And in math, Caleb has mastered subtraction facts for -0, -1, -2, and facts equaling 0, 1, and 2. Just today we began studying -9 facts.

For science we began studying the fifth day of creation. I didn’t have a book recommended by the curriculum (Christian Liberty Press’s Nature Reader 1), so we substituted with a Yesterday’s Classics science book The Bee People. Caleb found a bee and its nest hanging off our garage doorway and drew that for his nature study journal.

Along with the bird theme, Caleb and I finished up some drawing projects we’ve been working on. I practiced shading techniques as I colored the picture that I drew last week. Caleb was much faster than me; he did a second attempt this week at a crocodile catching the parrot flying away, since he had finished a similar attempt last week. Last week, we followed the instructions for the parrot, which was sitting, so he drew arrows showing that its wings were supposed to be flying. This week he tried to actually draw it with its wings in flight. It’s really too bad the crocodile didn’t catch the parrot, since it could have used the nourishment!

Caleb's malnourished croc.

Caleb’s malnourished croc.

If Caleb's croc could eat my obese parrot, he might be doing all right!

If Caleb’s croc could eat my obese parrot, he might be doing all right!

The interlopers.

The interlopers.

I asked to borrow subtraction flashcards from a friend until we could get back to the States to get some. She in her typical generosity included some markers as well for art, and a… ? In her typical efficiency, she didn’t tell me what this is. Any ideas?

It's a body sock!

It’s a body sock!

Baby Carson exhausted himself learning to walk last week and is sick with a fever today. He’s also cutting another tooth, poor little fella.

Callie busted her lip badly enough that we feared she would need stitches, like her big brother. Thankfully she didn’t, and she is healing nicely.

I am experiencing another week of temporary losses of sanity, as I prepare to teach the ladies’ Bible study tomorrow, and all of the village children are on school break until April 9. We usually try to somewhat follow South Africa’s school schedule, but they have entirely too many holidays, and we must press onward and forward since we’re taking off school during our furlough.

I've been the village babysitter this week.

I’ve been the village babysitter this week.

Seth sent out a prayer update this week regarding our ministry. I will post that shortly with pictures! Thank you very much for your prayers for us. We often battle discouragement, slow results, and little fruit. God knew the sickness of our hearts and gave us extensive treatment to make us more like Christ. Now if only we would cooperate and take our medicine.



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I'm Amy, a missionary wife and mother of four children, blogging about our lives and perspectives on culture in South Africa.
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  1. You’re doing a great job! You amaze me every time i read on your creativity and how you make it so enjoyable–so stay encouraged! Love, Tammy

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