A Church Update

Seth wrote and sent out this prayer update on March 15. An update to the information below–at this point, none of our baptismal candidates have expressed a desire to be baptized on Easter.


Solomon told us, “Remove not the ancient landmark,” but someone had to set up those landmarks in the first place. Our church is in the process of “landmarking” it’s ground with a fence. To that end, we’ve been digging postholes and selling Bibles to raise the money. Lord-willing, Saturday we’ll cement the first 40 poles for the fence. Because the few men our church has are all out of the area, the teenaged boys and I have been doing all the work so far. These weekly workdays have been profitable for building character as well as a fence. Please pray that we would honor God as a church while working through the complex factors that go into an architectural effort.

IMG_1216 IMG_1218

A number of people have expressed interest in salvation, the church, and baptism these days. We would appreciate your prayer for the Spirit of God to begin His lasting work in their hearts. On Easter, our churches are planning to baptize any who are ready.

  • Matimba: This 19-year old has been attending our church for about a year and a half. He faithfully attends church, but has been reluctant to be baptized.
  • Hitler: The current chief’s 19-year old brother attended our church years ago. Last year he returned, purchased a catechism, and has been much more eager to follow Christ. He now professes salvation but is not yet baptized.
  • Kulani: At 21, he has already taken a wife and may at any time move to the city for a job. However, since January, he has been coming to church and doing Bible studies. Two weeks ago, he professed faith in Christ. Pray for him to be baptized before he leaves.
  • Mr. Ngobeni: I don’t even know his first name because, as the father of one of our church members, he always calls himself Father of Acres (his son). After a sudden interest in spiritual things, we’ve studied the Bible each time he has returned home from his job (a week in January and a week in February). He has professed faith in Christ and also attends a Baptist church near his work in Johannesburg, which I found for him via Google.
  • Irene: Close friend of two maturing (spiritually) women in our church, Irene shows sporadic interest, and even asked me in January to pray that this year she would be a serious Christian.
  • A stack of kids: Amy’s Sunday School class and my efforts at a nearby ministry for “orphans” has given us about half a dozen children who are learning and showing promise.

In 2011 we visited our family and friends while I fulfilled some requirements for seminary, but our last real furlough where we were able to visit all the churches was in 2008. Currently, we are planning to return from May-August this year. We are excited to spend time in America again, and hopefully, we’ll get to see many of you. But if you’d like to visit with us online, I’ve begun following Amy’s example by blogging at Son of Carey.

Plowing, sowing, and sometimes reaping,

Seth and Amy

About Amy

I'm Amy, a missionary wife and homeschooling mother of five children, blogging about our lives and perspectives on culture in South Africa.
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