Getting Ready…

This week is one of those weeks where you continue on normal drive but think about upcoming events that will push you to drive on all cylinders. I have one week left of homeschooling Caleb and two weeks left before we go on furlough to America for four months. When I think about it—leaving “home” for so long to go “home”!—I get a fluttery nervous, excited feeling in my stomach. It’s a feeling that signals that the trip is near.

We continued reading in the New Testament in Bible time and have begun memorizing the Ten Commandments from Exodus 20. I was surprised when I pulled out Caleb’s new reader on Monday that he was worried that he would never finish it! Guess I talked up how many words it had on its pages too much. I have to work with him on being a careful reader. He sometimes guesses at words in order to read faster.

Caleb has learned the formation of all of his cursive letters now and will continue with one practice page per day until the end of the year. In addition, I am looking forward to starting the workbook for Writing with Ease level 1 with him when we return from America. I also plan to try out First Language Lessons when we return. I got the old combo of levels 1 and 2 together for a steal on the used homeschool sale boards for only $5 (yay!). Using that will save money on shipping some of the consumable workbooks.

Subtraction is coming fairly easily for Caleb. I still have him practicing his addition facts on Xtra math. Today we celebrated his speed (and typing skill :P) when he beat the “teacher” 44 times in a row!

44 smilies!

44 smilies!

In history we read about the difference between ancient Athenian and Spartan cultures. We played the “Win the Peloponnesian War” game for fun. Caleb drew and labeled a diagram of a fish for science and enjoyed a shark sticker book. I also began reading Blacky the Crow to introduce our study on birds for the fifth day of creation.

We finished all of the instruments in our picture book Meet the Orchestra, and we moved on to another lesson in art on drawing still life. We followed her instructions to draw a picture of still life in the book, but that is actually still drawing from graphics (which is the goal of lesson two); so next week we will attempt our own still life drawing of our new orchid we got at Easter. It’s our only indoor plant, and it is beautiful. I hope we can keep it alive! (I would say I have a black thumb, but ahem, all of the black people over here are better gardeners than me; so I’ll have to think of a different phrase!)

Caleb lost not one but two teeth this week! My heart is turning over at his cuteness this week as a lisp accompanied his loss. He’s growing up! Sniff.

He has a "goge" (go-jay) in his mouth, as the Vatsonga would say.

He has a “goge” (go-jay) in his mouth, as the Vatsonga would say.

Carson cut a new tooth this week. It’s so funny to me how Carson and Caleb align their toothy issues. The same thing happened around Christmas. Carson also obtained a cold this week and must have shared some with me as I’ve had a sinus headache the last two days.

Seth had a productive day organizing several of our church ministries for while we are gone. We feel like we’re leaving a baby behind. Our teammate will take over preaching Sunday mornings while we’re gone, with the help of a young man from his church who will preach once a month. Having just done this for our teammates when they went on furlough over Christmas, we know the weight that will fall on him to take care of two baby churches and prepare for LBI’s next semester without our help. We are blessed to have this help.

Thank you for your prayers. We hope to see many of you soon!


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I'm Amy, a missionary wife and mother of four children, blogging about our lives and perspectives on culture in South Africa.
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One Response to Getting Ready…

  1. Jennifer says:

    What a great and exciting week! I hope you have a safe trip “home.”

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