…Getting Set…

This week was full of birthdays, sickness, and our last week of homeschooling before our furlough in America!

We started the week with Seth’s birthday. I am so blessed to have this man for my husband.

When you're a dad, you don't get to blow out your own candles.

When you’re a dad, you don’t get to blow out your own candles.

Trying on the new pants!

Trying on the new pants!

OK, this isn't so fun after all!

OK, this isn’t so fun after all!

Guessing what book, uncovering piece by piece, starting with the publisher--no, you didn't!

Guessing what book, uncovering piece by piece, starting with the publisher–no, you didn’t!

On Monday morning Callie banged her head on the headboard of her bed and seems to have gotten a minor concussion. She cried and wanted to be held for a few hours. I called my nurse friend and teammate, who advised some pain medicine to dull the headache and to watch the pupils of her eyes to make sure they weren’t dilated to different amounts. The medicine helped, and she rested comfortably the rest of the morning. Later that night, she got sick after dinner, which she hadn’t wanted to eat. I discovered that concussions can make a person nauseated for two weeks.

I'm teaching her to say, "I'm two!"

I’m teaching her to say, “I’m two!”

The rest of the week Callie has struggled with a wretched cough and runny nose that her baby brother shared with her. Seth and I have also gotten in on the “cold fun,” and Colin and Caleb are next in the line-up. It’s okay with me so long as it doesn’t develop into anything worse, and it’s all better before we go to America!

I feel compassion toward Callie for having such a rough week since it is her birthday today! We love having a sweet little girl around, and my only regret is that she sometimes gets overlooked having landed in the birth order at the time she did.

Homeschooling! Is over! For a while! Whew. I do enjoy it, but we didn’t take many breaks for the last year and a half, and it will be good to think about the rest of life for a change. Oh you have a life? Yes, I do have a life outside of teaching my first grader. 😉 So let me proceed to disprove that by talking about the first half of our year…

My goal was to finish half of the school year before furlough, and we completed over half of the material so far. Yay!

Caleb began memorizing Exodus 20, the passage of the Ten Commandments, after completing Psalm 34:8-19 last week. Other memory work included a poem about the 10 Commandments, the 12 tribes of Israel, the 3 great patriarchs and their wives, the 10 plagues, books of the Old Testament, days of the week; some science material, including characteristics of mammals, fish, reptiles, and amphibians, as well as the planets and colors of the rainbow; and some history facts like the 7 wonders of the ancient world and the letters of the Greek alphabet.

Today he finished lesson 100 of phonics, a nice number to end on. His writing lessons are now branching away from cursive instruction into making complete sentences from phrases. This is a perfect time to begin Writing with Ease, which I hope to start when we return, along with a daily practice page of cursive handwriting. Writing with Ease will help me teach narration and dictation.

Caleb completed 26 of 30 lessons in his math book, so he only has about 20 subtraction facts to learn when he comes back. I am thinking of using the extra time (the 30 lessons can fit a year of instruction nicely, and he’s almost done in a half year) to review with Singapore Primary math curriculum.

He’s in the upper 90s percentile mark for his addition facts practice on Xtra math’s site. I will try to have him practice a couple of times a week to keep up his skills, or I fear the break might be too long and hurt his mastery of the skills he’s worked on. I’m also concerned that he continue reading while we’re gone.

Watching Oceans gave Callie a chance to rest her sore head.

Watching Oceans gave Callie a chance to rest her sore head.

In science we finished the 5th day of creation. (Almost half of the lessons are on the 6th day–land animals and humans.) This week we finished studying fish by making sawfish shark masks and watching Oceans (dumb script sometimes, but neat photography). We are about halfway through reading Blacky the Crow, and we’ll continue that as a read-aloud.


We hit a great stopping point in history as well–we ended with Alexander the Great’s rise and death this week and will pick up with a study on Rome when we return. Caleb and I played the Alexander the Great game provided in the Activity Guide, and he had fun riding Bucephalus. I know Bucephalus is supposed to be black–don’t judge Caleb; poor kid doesn’t have a black crayon or marker right now…one more thing to get in the States! 😉

Ride a cock horse to Banbury Cross...

Ride a cock horse to Banbury Cross…

IMG_1409We have no more instruments to meet in the orchestra and went almost as far in the drawing book as Caleb’s ability can go for now. We can definitely spend more weeks practicing and reinforcing the lessons though. We tried to draw a beautiful orchid we bought at Easter time–our only house plant.

Colin finished learning all of his letters! He enjoyed this game reviewing letters and their sounds. If he answered correctly, he rolled a die and got the body part of a zebra that corresponded to the number rolled. When he built the zebra, he won.

Z is for Zebra

Z is for Zebra

Caleb and I are excited to take a break and go visit America, yet I’m nervous as well about a number of things. I will try to keep up a weekly report in the States, but of course it will focus more on where we went than on what Caleb learned!

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I'm Amy, a missionary wife and mother of four children, blogging about our lives and perspectives on culture in South Africa.
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4 Responses to …Getting Set…

  1. We are so excited to see you too! Can’t wait!! And I’m glad you’re not here this week– a mini-Noah’s flood and cold! The van is ready, and clothes are at mom’s! Happy Birthday, everyone–I am glad Callie is okay. Kaylin had a mini concussion this summer, and it took a few days for her to feel normal–not hungry and tired with a headache. Poor Callie—Kristi gets overlooked being #3 as well. I hope she and Kiley will have fun playing together.

    • Amy says:

      Aw thank you Tammy for all of your help with the van and clothes especially! I’m still concerned about Callie. It’s nice to hear someone else say, “Been there, done that; you’ll come through it okay!” I published the post before I finished putting the pictures in. Hope you get to see them all.

      • I got to see the pictures–so cute. I’m glad we live in this day of modern technology where we can “see” you though so many miles apart. And I can say I’ve been there, done that with publishing a post b/f it’s completely done!

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