The Numbers

We compiled these statistics below as a way for you to get a picture of some interesting aspects of our life and ministry over the past 4 years. You may perhaps recall that we tried this before our last furlough in October 2008. (If you like these statistics, please do go check out the ones from October 2008. They’re even better!)

1    Sunday school child saved from choking with the Heimlich manuever
2    Broken bones—both on Caleb
2    Blogs started by our family
3    Babies we have had since our last furlough
3    Men baptized since 2008 (All three have since moved away.)
5    Age of our church in years.
5    Number of church members initially evangelized and invited by one of our church members, Reineth Baloyi (3 more that she has invited are still studying and attending)
5.50    Cost of gas per gallon in US dollars
6    Days until we get on the plane
7    Minutes Amy was at the hospital before Carson showed up.
8    Tasks officially delegated to different believers for the smooth running of the church
9    Average number of verses our church members are trying to memorize each month to quote the entire book of James.
9    Graduates from the college (4 are currently serving as pastors and 2 more desire the office of bishop in the next few years)
9    Number of people who have been disciplined out of the church from 2009-2012. (usually for lack of attendance)
9    The exchange rate—we used to get 6 rand for a dollar, now it’s 9 to 1.
9    Number of weeks our phone (landline) has been out of service in 2013 alone
13    Number of people baptized from 2009-2012 who are still church members.
20    Weeks Amy has been in the US since leaving 8 years ago (This furlough is planned from May-August.)
23    Unemployment rate in SA
75    Guests Amy has cooked for in 2013 (not counting group and church functions)
127    Number of questions in our Tsonga-English catechism
1,000    Close estimate of the number of lectures taught at LBI since 2009
1,250    Dollars paid for the plot of land our church building will one day be on—all raised by our church members by offerings and selling books and no-bake cookies.

Please pray that our church members would demonstrate the fruit of the Spirit, an abiding love for Jesus, and Christian character in the absence of their pastor. Our teammates will also be working overtime for our church as well as the college.

While we are in the US, it would be our privilege to meet with as many of our friends and supporters as possible.

Counting it all joy,

Seth and Amy Meyers

About Amy

I'm Amy, a missionary wife and homeschooling mother of five children, blogging about our lives and perspectives on culture in South Africa.
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