Evaluating 2013 Goals

Is anyone else heartily sick of my talking about GOALS yet?? I am! I guess that’s not a good place to be this early in the year.

So anyway, my “goal” for this article is to be done with it ASAP. But I did want to at least see (and share) how my goals went last year.

Here they are below, crossed out (if done), cut down, summarized, and explained when I was in wordiness-withdrawal.

1.    Regular Bible reading. I only managed probably half of the time. 😦 I know this is so crucial and am striving to do better.

2.    Shift schedule to go to bed and wake up earlier. Nope to most of the time. I did pretty well until furlough.

3.    Lose weight and maintain exercising.
Yes, until furlough (see The Weight of Furlough), and afterwards, I was trying to catch up with life, so did not exercise regularly.

4.    Prayer for husband and children.
I did about half what I wanted. At least our new family tradition Marble Jars reminds me to be more prayerful (regularly) for my children and causes me to seriously pray for them at least once a month.

5.    Keep up with correspondence/blogging (2-3 times a week).

6.    SMS and call ladies in church more.

7.    ReadingHere was my original list for 2013. Again, I did well until furlough, when I fell apart. I thought that might happen. Afterwards, I found little time for reading. But I did read 1/3 of How to Destroy Your Child’s Imagination, about 1/5 of History of the Ancient World, 1/2 of For the Children’s Sake, and finished the series of Auralia’s Colors, a biography of William CareyUltimate Guide to Homeschooling, and some children’s lit–Midnight Magic, Dear Mr. Henshaw, and Onion John. I read more books that weren’t on my list, but the others on my list were not read.

8.    Vomanana va Tintswaloour monthly ladies’ Bible study—start lessons 2 weeks in advance. We did not meet after furlough, unfortunately.

9.    Furlough—seek ways to serve; brainstorm ideas on how to do this.

10.    Arrange piano piece or find a piece or two to play in the States on furlough.

11.    Begin researching/arranging songs for catechismsnot done.

12.    Organize children’s memory work folder.

13.    Organize Zotero (a software program to help organize your library and bibliographical info), iTunes, and Kindle. I only organized my kindle halfway.

Children’s goals:
1.    Make lists and prioritize needs of what to get in the States.
2.    Read books every day to Callie and Colin and start including Carson. Yes, except for furlough.
3.    Get them listening to more music. (This goes with organizing iTunes.) Um, a little. :/

Caleb—some overlap on these:
1.    Assess two times a year what character traits and Christian growth issues should be focused on.
2.    Homeschool consistently, but not too much. 🙂
3.    Emphasize play outside—bike-riding, but also more with ball.
4.    Pick a piano curriculum (probably Faber Piano Adventures).
5.    Study how to teach him to sing on pitch and begin. I tried a little, and talked to my former piano teacher.
6.    Have him start listening to more on audio (stories, Bible, music).
7.    Finish all curriculum choices for the year.
8.    Get him reading independently.
9.    Get him reading or listening to Bible every day.
10.    Teach proper manners. This is not very measurable. We have been working on interruption.
11.    Begin chore chart—teach to fold clothes, wash dishes, tie shoes, and sweep. Handicrafts?

1.    Obedience training. Does this ever end?
2.    Teach proper manners (focus on friendliness).
3.    Push him more with Tsonga, work ethic, responsibility, caring for others.
4.    Play more outside.
5.    Begin chore chart—teach to fold some clothes, help take out compost and trash, and dust?
6.    Finish Letter of the Week and ABeka K4. We didn’t quite finish K4, but he did well.

1.    Read to her more.
2.    Toilet-train.
3.    Wean off pacifier.
4.    Obedience training. Again, not done yet. 🙂
5.    Teach her to enjoy playing outside. Trying.
6.    Look at some toddler toys for her and Carson for homeschooling sanity.
7.    Teach to pick up toys, dress herself, and wash hands. She needs to do more of the first item.

1.    Start reading to him.
2.    Be consistent with discipline. Yes at times. Better after furlough!
3.    Toddler toys for homeschool.

Well, hope you enjoyed that peek into our lives, if you enjoy making lists and crossing them off!

About Amy

I'm Amy, a missionary wife and mother of four children, blogging about our lives and perspectives on culture in South Africa.
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