The End of All Things (well, 2013, anyway)


This week we finished our 2013 school year officially! (Very happy about that!) We had a light week of school, finishing up some subjects I wanted to complete further.

We did not study math, spelling, science, or phonics; those were done already. Caleb keeps practicing math facts on his own, though. We did study and finish writing, language, handwriting, history, and Bible. In Bible we read on the life of Paul and some of his missionary adventures. History ended with Rome’s end. Caleb made a collage for his history notebook of pictures of gifts that Rome gave us–things like English terms, coins, swimming pools, and bound books. He was surprised to hear that the last emporer of Rome was only six years old. šŸ™‚

Caleb with bird's nest

Caleb with bird’s nest

When we reviewed geography from the year, he remembered most of it! I think taking an international flight this year helped with that more than the weekly maps in history.

Colin finished his handwriting book and little readers from ABeka. He has a few pages left in another workbook that we’re going to let live.

Watching a movie on a rainy day.

Watching a movie on a rainy day.

I have been planning for 2014. The New Year is when we plan our ministry calendar, and it’s also my break between homeschool years. I also like to hammer out some personal goals for the New Year.

This week I’ve been thinking and planning for our upcoming homeschool year. Our furlough in America put us a bit behind, so we are not going to have a long break. I’m thinking to start school on the 20th, after a break this coming week. Then we will immediately have another week-long break the last week of January, when we plan to go away for a few days.

I personally may need the aforementioned first week of school to plan more and just catch a breath before another school year, however. I did take two weeks “off” at Christmas, which was a blissful time (at least the week after Christmas) of reading four books! I can’t remember the last time I read so much. The late-nighters were worth it. šŸ™‚ (Here are my 2014 reading goals, if you’d like to see.)

A crab from the river bordering our church stand.

A crab from the river bordering our church stand.

The boys spent their time off school playing, either at home or at the church property when Seth had work days to build. They found bird’s nests, climbed trees, rode new Christmas bikes (for Callie and Carson!), dunked each other in the river, fished crabs out of said river, climbed in termite mounds, and got gloriously sunburned.

Playing with the crab--it's pinching the stick. Notice how dirty Colin's clothes are!

Playing with the crab–it’s pinching the stick. Notice how dirty Colin’s clothes are!

We capitalized on South Africa’s school break and had an extra work day every week. This break, the young men helped Seth put up a gate, dig the “footer” for the foundation (the trenches for the walls), pour the concrete in the footer, and dig the outhouses.

Digging the outdoor toilet.

Digging the outdoor toilet.

We’ve had a rash of heartbreaks lately in the ministry–so many soldiers for Jesus injured or falling out of the spiritual war. I myself was sent to the front lines a few times, leaving my comfortable home with typical jobs I knew well to visit with ladies three times to encourage, exhort, and lift up the fallen.

Seth began a weekly meeting with neighborhood children this past Thursday. He also went to a large prison in a nearby town to begin his teaching ministry there once a week. He hopes to start two other outreach ministries as well.

Several of our young workers coming out of church.

Several of our young workers coming out of church.

Thank you to those who sent Christmas wishes or presents. We were “refreshed by you.” (Philemon 7)

Happy New Year!

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I'm Amy, a missionary wife and homeschooling mother of five children, blogging about our lives and perspectives on culture in South Africa.
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5 Responses to The End of All Things (well, 2013, anyway)

  1. Lois Ruley says:

    Thank you for your precious photos ~~ May God continue to bless, guide and use you~

  2. dacia says:

    Beautiful pictures!!! I love boys and all the cool stuff they play Mine are getting old šŸ˜¦ It has also been too cold here to get that kind of outside play so I am totally jealous!!

  3. Tammy Doiel says:

    Yeah, no sunburn going on over here. I love the picture of the crab. Dave’s mom used to buy them and we would poke a stick in the big pot they were in (until she cooked them :)).

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