Stomach Flu on Good Friday

We’re used to attending a Good Friday service, but this year, I’m staying home with the kids. Carson got a stomach bug last Friday evening just after I wrote my weekly report; almost one week later, Colin, Callie, and Caleb (in that order) came down with it.

I don’t handle stomach innards not staying where they’re supposed to very well. So I was already a bit stressed to be the “bucket runner” without Seth while he went to the service. You can imagine then, my fright, when my neighbor-thief peeped in at the window directly behind where I’m typing, attempting to break in yet again while we’re at church. He wasn’t expecting me to be home. Unfortunately I didn’t frighten him nearly as much as he did me. I’m sure I lost a few years off my life, obtained a few gray hairs, all that stuff. I’m wondering if we’ll have to hire security for while we’re at church! Unreal!

Please pray for us to have wisdom and safety in this situation. It is distracting, time-eating, and stressful; and we are not getting the support we would like from the police.

Meanwhile, we got a good week of homeschooling in. Colin had lessons only on Monday through Wednesday, as he got sick Thursday morning, and I’d planned to take today off. His handwriting showed some improvement; and his curriculum added “seatwork” and reading assignments this week, so he’s a big boy now. I am not sure if I will require him to complete all of the handwriting components of his seatwork, but I do like the idea of training him to be able to diligently complete some bits of work on his own without needing me there to oversee him.

For Caleb this week, I was reminded of how elements of character can affect scores in school. He has the knowledge to correctly answer double-digit subtraction problems, but some simple mistakes in checking or details caused him to fail a math test. I need to remember to teach attention to detail, carefulness, and diligence just as much as recall of math facts.

Reviewing with his lapbook.

Reviewing with his lapbook.

Caleb learned adjectives in grammar, another “job” of the silent /e/ in spelling, and more on pinnipeds in science. After adding to his science lapbook, he wanted to read all the sections he had entered so far. I felt gratified that the lapbook was helping to review without him knowing it!  Because of illness and the holiday, we didn’t complete IMG_1677science, art, or music appreciation this week. He did draw our “potato bush” for nature study. I learned that their fruits and flowers are toxic, which is a good thing to know!

In history we learned about the Frankish empire–the beginning of France, as well as the spread of Islam into medieval Spain. Caleb was all set to do an activity yesterday, but his sour stomach intervened.

For literature, Caleb got a full week of reading in. He read The Pied Piper of Hamelin (one of a few stories I got from a library in a nearby town–a success in itself just to obtain a card!–but the ending was completely changed from the classic Pied Piper folktale), and two stories that take place in France from Favorite Medieval Tales by Mary Pope Osborne, “The Song of Roland,” and “The Werewolf.” The latter, creepy as it sounds, was my favorite.

And it was wonderful to have Seth home this week to help me again with Bible and Tsonga. The kids are growing in their ability with Tsonga and have even been working on rolling their R’s, which seems to come as naturally to them as it does to their mother. 😦 We celebrated Seth’s birthday over the weekend, and Callie’s is coming up this weekend!

Caleb made several "cards" for his dad, as he thought we wouldn't be able to get to town to buy his present.

Caleb made several “cards” for his dad, as he thought we wouldn’t be able to get to town to buy his present.

This card Caleb made shows the symbol of our church, Luther's rose (which represents the Five Solas.)

This card Caleb made shows the symbol of our church, Luther’s rose (which represents the Five Solas.)

A book Seth is going to enjoy!

A book Seth is going to enjoy!

Opening presents together.

Opening presents together.

Colin, enjoying the present he and Caleb ended up giving Daddy--a Calvin and Hobbes book I picked up cheap in the States.

Colin, enjoying the present he and Caleb ended up giving Daddy–a Calvin and Hobbes book I picked up cheap in the States.

I went to town to see the dentist and run errands on Wednesday. On my way home, I had the privilege of joining a long line of cars backed up because of an apparently horrific accident. I was 15 minutes from home and thought waiting until the roads were cleared might be best. Just in case, though, I tried to think of an alternate route home. After several cars turned around and went past, explaining that it would take time to clear the roads, I took my alternate route. I noticed several pedestrians who decided walking the lengthy journey would be faster than waiting in their respective taxis. The time to get home was tripled and compounded by rain, the dark, a road FULL of potholes (the rain just won’t stop!), and several cows. When I got home, my legs were shaky from having ridden the clutch and brake so much. And I was very thankful for safety.

I wish you all a peaceful weekend contemplating our Savior’s death and resurrection.

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I'm Amy, a missionary wife and mother of four children, blogging about our lives and perspectives on culture in South Africa.
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3 Responses to Stomach Flu on Good Friday

  1. Aww–hope you are all feeling better, and maybe your neighbor will be deterred a little after seeing you home. I thought the bars on the window may have been a deterrent! Joshua ran a little fever this week and yucky cough, but no stomach illness, which I am very thankful for!
    Happy Easter!

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