How to Make a Treasure Box Cake

treasure cake

This is the easiest “special” cake I’ve made yet!

Make a 10×15 cake. An 11×15 is fine if you don’t have a 10×15 pan–it will just be a little smaller. Also make chocolate buttercream icing.

Cut the cake in half horizontally. Ice the top and sides of each half with the chocolate icing.

Place one half on a serving tray. Top it with gold coins and gold-covered candy or chocolates, placing more candy towards the front of the cake. (I recommend not placing any larger sweets even past the halfway mark. Your cake won’t touch in the back, and it looks a little ridiculous. I had to remove some of the eggs in the picture in order to make it sit right. So this picture isn’t a perfect guide as to how much to put in the middle to back sections. Once you have the top on, you can go back and squeeze some into empty spots if you want to.)


IMG_1933Place the other half carefully on top of the sweets to form the lid. Cover the top and sides with chocolate wafers and place licorice strips between each row.

IMG_1935Decorate the front edges of the box with gumdrop-type candies that look like jewels. Cut out a piece of brown or gold paper, draw a black keyhole shape on it, and stick it in place.


Place toasted coconut or crumbled chocolate cookie around the base to look like dirt. Place a few gold coins or candies front of the box to look as though they spilled out.


Comments or Modifications:

I didn’t use licorice. Instead I piped black icing. I also didn’t have gold-covered candy, outside of these leftover Easter eggs. 🙂 I know, kinda corny, but this is Africa.

I made the keyhole latch out of aluminum foil and drew on the keyhole. I didn’t want to waste a lot of cookies on the “dirt,” so I just used the rest of the chocolate wafers.


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I'm Amy, a missionary wife and homeschooling mother of five children, blogging about our lives and perspectives on culture in South Africa.
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8 Responses to How to Make a Treasure Box Cake

  1. Dana Jordan says:

    I love it! And I like the changes you made too. The dirt turned out perfectly since it looks like sand. Good job!

  2. Oh, I love it!! Even if it was the easiest, I think it is one of your best! Great job! Of course I’m pinning it to my cakes board.

  3. Christie says:

    This is a seriously cool cake!

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  5. TurnerZ says:

    This is such a creative idea! It will be great for a pirate themed birthday!

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