A Water-Filled Week ~ Weekly Report

My pictures this week are mostly from different science demonstrations. We were studying “prehistoric” swimming creatures–mothosaurs, nothosaurs, ichthyosaurs, and plesiosaurs.

IMG_2066Why don’t we have many fossils of these swimming dinosaurs? This demonstration shows that they floated and decayed or were eaten by predators before being able to have the proper conditions necessary to make an articulated fossil. The cereal in the muddy water on the left is the __saur, and there’s a car (supposed to be a seashell) in the right-handed muddy water.


Holding a broom out horizontally in front of you demonstrates how difficult it would be to keep your balance with the long neck of the plesiosaur. Imagine swimming like that!


This is how big a pliosaur’s head is!

A says aaa-aaa-aaa!

A says aaa-aaa-aaa!

Callie began preschool this week. She did great! She learned A.

Colin learned some tricks to help him differentiate between “b” and “d.”

Caleb is nearing the end of his math curriculum. It shouldn’t take more than two weeks before we’ll begin reviewing concepts with another math program.

His fluency is improving, which makes him enjoy reading so much more! He is still reading Viking Adventure, and it is a perfect level for a second grader. Easy vocabulary, perfect-length chapters, and exciting boy stuff.

The boys drew a watery picture while listening to Handel’s “Water Music”; so when they made a Viking longship for history, I deemed that enough art for the week!


I am teaching piano again! I missed it. This picture made me nostalgic.

Caleb's first lesson.

Caleb’s first lesson.

On the ministry and homefront:

I’m getting ready to teach the ladies about meekness again tomorrow. Seth began meetings with some men on Saturdays evenings to train elders. We got to go to dinner with some Church of Christ American missionaries who live in the town near us. Her pizza was delicious, she shared American chocolate chip cookies with us, and we talked shop (homeschooling and a little missions). I got to visit my favorite dentists again! 🙂 $20 for a consultation with an oral surgeon. Amen.

I just began reading Don Quixote in my journey of self-education with The Well-Educated Mind. Unfortunately, I read it before bed, and it keeps putting me to sleep… I’m sure sleep helps one’s mind as well.

We can’t find an alarm clock here. Digital. That keeps time. For under $15.

Next week we travel south so that Seth can teach at a family camp for a church in Johannesburg. The cities are so different–I can’t imagine having a family camp at our church. At least we now have a family in our church membership! Me, I’ll probably be busy corralling the kiddos throughout multiple services–not sure what family camp is like, neither here nor in the States. Have you ever been?

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I'm Amy, a missionary wife and homeschooling mother of five children, blogging about our lives and perspectives on culture in South Africa.
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