Guly Joals

Well! I feel happy to be even still talking about New Year’s Goals! We’ve got to be doing better than if we hadn’t tried to be intentional about our goals. Here’s my online accountability group for this year. It’s not too late to join us! Here are my goals for the year and my specific June goals.


In June I texted some ladies in the beginning of the month but overall have been discouraged with lack of growth amongst our ladies. (This is the same exact sentence from May; but it still applies.) 🙂 I made a lot more lip balm this month to make money for our church, and Seth printed labels; but as far as marketing them, we’ve had no time. A church member is selling them for me at a clinic where she works, so I hope at least some money is coming in from the effort.

Goals for July:

  • Order more lip balm pots. (I tried, but these companies have atrocious customer service, and so I haven’t heard back from the company for two weeks.)
  • Start marketing the lip balm.
  • Host two families for dinner.
  • Contact and encourage two friends in Joburg.
  • Write down all new chords for our new song book. Plus put them in the computer. (This is a big job.)
  • Choose songs for the next several months of services.


Seth and I celebrated our 9th anniversary in June. Tonight I am making a very nice dinner, just because I can. I’m usually too worn out from everything else + homeschooling to cook nice dinners! This month: write one note per week.


Seth and I were just saying that Carson was toilet trained when he started having several accidents per day. 😦 

Goals for July:

  • Keep working with Carson.
  • Read to the children for an hour to an hour and a half total each day of break from school.
  • During our homeschool break, make the Virtue Training and Child Training Bibles.
  • Change Colin’s clothes to the next size.


I accomplished all of my homeschooling goals in June, except for one unimportant goal. This month I have a FIFTEEN things to do during our homeschooling break! (And some of them will take several hours.)

  • Research curriculum. (6 items)
  • New schoolroom: curtains, bookshelves (4 jobs), paint table, organize and plan it, maybe paint and reorganize the filing cabinet.
  • Learn how to use some of the Rightstart math games (and get them ready).
  • Call MFW with some questions before shipping prices increase.
  • Make some copywork pages.
  • Do ABeka’s “chalkboard” section for phonics on my web-app for making copywork.
  • Update lesson plans with copywork and book lists.
  • Check for some books here; set up Overdrive, an app I’m hoping will help me get some library e-books.
  • Make a cheat sheet reminder for AAS level 3. Spruce up levels 1-2 to print out and share on the blog.
  • Laminate the art picture study paintings.
  • Plan SOTW projects and Apologia Zoology 2 projects for the rest of the year.
  • Copy art pages for the rest of the year from I Can Do All Things.
  • Make a Letter of the Week book list.
  • Print the rest of the papers for Letter of the Week for this year.

This is a lot of work to do, so I probably won’t finish it all in our two-week break. I’ll keep working on it the rest of the month, though, and try to knock it all out!


I’m still working on reading my Bible every day, being more persistent in praying for my children, husband, and our people, exercising three times a week and cleaning clutter spots regularly. I want to keep regularly blogging about meekness. I failed this month at going to bed by 10 PM and getting up by 6 AM. I’m going to try again when our homeschooling break is over. During these two weeks, I’m going to push hard and try to get some of these things done. But today, I was up at 6:00, and it was really nice to have read my Bible and get showered without feeling pressured to go do stuff for the kids!


Here’s my tentative reading list for 2014I did not finish half of Don Quixote. I’m just so busy… I am going to try again this month to finish it if possible! (Or at least read the first half of it.) I also want to download the next suggested novel, I believe it’s Gulliver’s Travels, to listen to the audio. Finally, I’d like to download some homeschool speakers to listen to for some inspiration while cooking, etc.

How are your 2014 goals going?

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I'm Amy, a missionary wife and homeschooling mother of five children, blogging about our lives and perspectives on culture in South Africa.
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5 Responses to Guly Joals

  1. Christie says:

    Well… I haven’t looked at them recently, but I’m pretty sure one of them was something about having a baby and I’m sure hoping to accomplish that in the next few days. = )

    You’re doing amazing!! (and I’m jealous of the homeschool room updates…so much fun!) = )

  2. tammya1999 says:

    Your lip balm sounds very interesting. Your goals are great and I love reading about how you moms home school. Thanks for sharing.

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