It’s a Girl! ~ Weekly Report


We have a new baby in our house! She’s cute as a button. Our guest had her baby last Saturday. I’ve gotten a small share of holding and bathing baby since then. She doesn’t seem to be colicky, but is still trying to figure out the difference between night and day.

Please pray for us to have joy during this time when we share our family with another culture. We do like our privacy. I wonder if I like it too much? Being a missionary teaches me more every month about the idols I personally prize more than God.

We are still schooling. While America is gearing up for a new school year, I’m coming out of our mid-year slump, with the end of our school year in sight.

Here’s what we’re still doing:

Caleb’s still learning about multiplication, adverbs, and changing Y to I in spelling; and Colin’s still learning addition and “special sounds” in phonics.

Painting while listening to classical music

Painting while listening to classical music

New items learned the last two weeks:

  • Colin learned how to tell time to the half hour.
  • We finished a chapter on crustaceans in science and added a lobster and crab to our “ocean box” display. The experiment involved raising triops, which we can’t get here.
  • We took time for all of the extras this week: nature study, map blobbing, picture study, poetry tea, music appreciation, freewriting, and even got art in!
  • Caleb finished two books in reading: Robin Hood and The Sword in the Tree (a historical fiction novel from King Arthur’s time). The latter was by Bulla, a great children’s author, and it was exciting and at a perfect reading level.
  • IMG_2129Last week we learned about the capture of Constantinople by the Muslims (renamed Istanbul). The boys made a cannon with their daddy “like the cannons the army used,” and I made edible Byzantine crosses which they painted with egg yolk-based  paint. The boys watched a documentary about the architecture of the Hagia Sophia, and actually understood a lot of it!IMG_2115
  • Can you find the missing egg they're looking for? (hint: it's pink)

    Can you find the missing egg they’re looking for? (hint: it’s pink)

    This week we read about the Black Deaths of Europe and how medieval life changed afterwards. We began to read about the Hundred Years’ War between England and France. We played a game called “Get Rid of the Fleas [that carried the plague].” I hid Easter eggs with raisins and chocolate chips inside. The kids ran around finding them, and then we ate the treats inside. So fun!

These days I have anywhere from one to four extra plates at my table every evening, and for lunch and breakfast as well. Seth is busy building the church in his spare time. Last week only two small boys came to help him, but most of the time our young men have been faithful to help him. Please pray for our people to persevere in the faith.

The only two helpers last week.

The only two helpers last week.

I hope your summer break is relaxing and memorable!

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I'm Amy, a missionary wife and homeschooling mother of five children, blogging about our lives and perspectives on culture in South Africa.
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