September Goals

I know this is late,(a week late to be precise), but it really doesn’t matter that much, as my post will make clear. I don’t have huge goals for this month. But I am often happy when I do take stock of what got done the month before, and sometimes am surprised to see more progress than I had thought there was. Here’s my online accountability group for this year. Here are my goals for the year and my specific August goals.

My September goals are very basic. For the first part of the month, I am hoping to survive. My husband is gone, and the kids and I are all struggling with head colds. It’s all I can do to handle homeschooling and home-work without his emotional and physical help around here. I’m simply hoping to get schoolwork, housework, and spending-time-with-the-kids done. I think my rare and/or late blog posts this last week reflect that!

Then for the second part of the month, I am hoping to relax and enjoy–to thrive. Seth is coming back with his dad visiting us for the rest of the month, and while I plan to continue homeschooling in general, I may take some days off; and I am not filling my schedule with lots of goals or projects while he is here.


Goals for August:

  • Start marketing lip balm.
  • Host one family for dinner.
  • Finish song book.
  • Text four (two) ladies in the church.

September: prepare for a big service on the 21st at our teammates’ church.


This month (same as last month): write one note per week. Nope, only did two in August.

September: be really happy when husband comes home! haha, that won’t be a hard one. Have a nice meal ready for him, and have his dad’s room ready. 🙂


Goals for August: I did better at the first than the second.

  • Prioritize character training more than academics.
  • Be more consistent in putting their chores up on their chore chart.

September: keep life as sane as possible for them when half of the month their dad is gone, and the other half we have a guest–this coming off of a month of another guest in July and August. It’s been a long haul, really. Be very consistent in discipline while Daddy is gone, and stay low-key and relaxed, not getting uptight or yelling about things. (The latter is the hard one!)


Oh dear, I only finished one of many tasks I’d hoped to do in August. The good news is that none of them were vital to actually teaching my children!

September: Just do basic homeschooling this month. I have no special goals for projects or printables or painting the schoolroom or anything but just to teach. 🙂


I am not exercising this month, but plan to walk more maybe in October. I really do need to be diligent about bedtime by 10 or 10:30 PM, since my kids are up early, and sleep solves a world of ills for me. Literally! (Thinking of my current head cold!)

I did better at cooking muffins for breakfasts once or twice a week in August, and I even made two casseroles to freeze for a simple meal sometime on a difficult day.

We repainted two of our bathrooms in anticipation of Seth’s dad visiting, and I also painted the outside walls affected by our building project.


Here’s my tentative reading list for 2014I did not finish half of Don Quixote. I’m just so busy, but I did get through a third of it. I’m wondering at this point why it’s considered a classic…

I finished reading aloud several books with the children, and Seth and I finally finished a 1,200 page historical novel on South Africa called The Covenant. That was an accomplishment. Next we’re going to read The Pilgrim’s Progress together, and I’m looking forward to that. I also finished a fun Christian youth adult series called Dragons in Our Midst. It’s not as good as many other Christian fantasy series I’ve read, but a fun read, and I can see why early teens would really like it. I have a bunch of homeschooling e-books that I’ve accumulated through blogs, etc., so in my free time I may pick my way through some of them. I’m also working my way through The Core.

How are your 2014 goals going? Still going?

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I'm Amy, a missionary wife and homeschooling mother of five children, blogging about our lives and perspectives on culture in South Africa.
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4 Responses to September Goals

  1. You are doing great! I am so sorry I have not been by to comment. I have read most of your posts, but I haven’t even responded to comments on my blogs. So busy all the time!! Time to run to church! Have fun with Seth’s dad!

  2. Impressive goals! I think not having my husband around would throw off my whole schedule. When he is working overtime we definitely feel the loss around here.

    I think the big thing with Don Q. is that it’s, historically, the first ‘novel’ ever written. Certainly not my favorite book but there is a big sense of accomplishment when you actually finish it!

    • Amy says:

      Thanks, Tonia. I think you’re right about DQ, but still struggling with motivation to read it, when I have so many other worthy things to read! 🙂

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