Belated October Goals

I keep getting later with my goals’ posts. Guess that’s typical for the end of the year, right? I almost didn’t do it this month, but I’ll try to just go fast. Here’s my online accountability group for this year. Here are my goals for the year and my specific September goals.

My September goals were very basic: to survive the first part of the month and thrive for the second part of the month. Well, I’ll admit that in one sense I did not thrive; I had some disappointing health issues that just got resolved this week. I was very happy that I still managed to get the basics of homeschooling done for several weeks in spite of that.


September: prepare for a big service on the 21st at our teammates’ church.


  • might need to make more lip balm!
  • Plan another ladies’ Bible study on meekness before we leave for vacation at the end of the month!


Focus on being positive and affirming this month. Plan ahead for some special things he’d like for vacation.


Focus on two good weeks of homeschooling before we go on vacation. Work on consistent discipline. Get Carson’s cast off!


  • Make some copywork examples for Colin’s ABeka K5 Writing Tablet.
  • Get back to doing some of the special extras in our week.
  • Organize some books that might excite Caleb about reading more.


Begin seriously exercising and dieting. My health concerns and having visitors for essentially three months have ruined all good that had been done before. To be honest, I look terrible. I must be on My Fitness Pal daily. Anyone want to “friend” me to encourage me? 🙂


Here’s my tentative reading list for 2014.

I finished up to page 400 of Don Quixote today! Small triumph for a 1,000 page book, but whew! What a slog. I have continued reading several kids’ fantasy books, which was fun: The High King and The Book of Three from The Chronicles of Prydain series, Beyond the Valley of Thorns (book #2 in The Land of Elyon series–now I want book #3!), The Hero and the Crown and The Blue Sword by Robin McKinley, and book #3 in The Aedyn Chronicles. I also began How to Teach Your Children Shakespeare (we are almost to Shakespeare in our history and lit studies!), I finished 2/3 of In Your Hands (a parent guide for the My Book House series), and began The Seven Laws of Teaching, as well as reading one more chapter in The Core. I finished a free booklet from Simply Charlotte Mason called something about Getting Started in Homeschooling, and began Smooth and Easy Days.

Of course that all looks impressive, but it’s almost a month and a half’s worth, including time when I was sick on my bed. So… next month probably won’t look as impressive. I hope to get to page 500 in DQ, finish How to Teach Shakespeare and In Your Hands and Smooth and Easy Days, and maybe The Core, and then just have some fun reading a Christian fiction novel during vacation, which begins the last week of October! I’ll be very excited when I can get my brain caught up from the past and looking forward to that vacation. Seth and I have just begun reading Bulfinch’s Mythology together as well.

How are your 2014 goals going? Still going?

My new cast! It was put on just before we left for our tourist trip.

My new cast! It was put on just before we left for our tourist trip.

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