2017 New Year’s Goals: February

I am so surprised that I am already writing about goals for February. I feel like there should still be two weeks remaining in January!

Clearly, I didn’t meet my goal of blogging more (yet)! Some other goals weren’t met, but lots of them were, so I’m not discouraged. I would love to hear about anyone else, if you made goals for this year, and if you are still trying to reach them.

My Word for the Year

I’m trying to grow in HOPE this year. I have not done well at memorizing the book of 1 Peter so far in January, but I have taught three times this month on 1 Peter. I was not expecting to start the ladies’ group in Elim until February; but we already met once in January, and I taught an overview of 1 Peter. I taught twice on 1 Peter in a different ladies’ group that meets weekly here in the town of Louis Trichardt where we live now. 1 Peter is an excellent book to equip the ladies with a strong theology of suffering. Some of them have gone through so much pain, and I’m excited to share HOPE with them. I’m learning so much. I absolutely love this part of my job!

In February: I will teach five times total on 1 Peter. My goal is to study and organize those lessons well and begin memorizing 1 Peter more consistently. I need to plan time on Thursday and Friday afternoons to study for the lessons. For memorization, I want to listen to 1 Peter read to me from an app three to four times per week, and take some time Saturday mornings to practice quoting it. I also want to read the first section of chapter 1 from Warren Wiersbe’s commentary on 1 Peter, Be Hopeful.

Personal Goals

A lot of my goals have not happened whatsoever this month, mainly because I have been so busy trying to organize our homeschool–room, bookshelves, curriculum, everything. We started our school year in January, two weeks ago. But for three years, I haven’t cleaned up from the previous school year. I moved twice in 2015 (the last move was only thirteen months ago). I did some schooling while traveling on the road in America. My homeschool curriculum storage situation was a wreck. I had a desk piled with papers from the last two years from two kids, all subjects, that needed to be sorted through.

I have cleared off the desks now, but those papers were only moved to a box, still a wreck, still waiting to be organized. I wanted to prepare for certain subjects this year, in which I knew I was using a new-to-me curriculum and would need to read through it to understand how to teach it. I did do that. So most of the subjects and notebooks for this year are ready now! On top of all of that, we have puppies to care for, and two sets of guests that wiped out whole weekends of needed time to prepare for our year. We were glad to have them. I’m just explaining, I guess to myself, where the time went and why a lot of my personal goals simply could not happen in January.


I have not kept up with my read-through-the-Bible-in-a-year schedule, but I’m not giving up! Because it’s a 5-day schedule, I have some days for catching up, so I’m going to keep trying. I have listened to some of the second Bible reading plan I mentioned (reading through the major narratives of the Bible), but not all. I will drop that plan and just stick to the first one. My little non-readers are doing well at listening to their Bible stories every day before breakfast.

I still need to work harder at memorizing 1 Peter and reviewing Philippians.


Oh, how I wish I could manage the time to read more! I did read a bit this month, but not nearly enough. In February I want to get through some sections of Be Hopeful by Wiersbe; The Three Mrs. Judsons, which I am reading with Seth before we begin To the Golden Shore, a biography of Adoniram Judson (you can get the audio of the former read to you for free on Librivox!); Don Quixote; and King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table by Roger Lancelyn Green (this is for Caleb–I’m trying to read some of his books before he gets to them in homeschooling).


Obviously, I didn’t blog outside of my goals’ post in January. We’ll see if I can do a little better in February? No promises. 🙂

Fitness, health, and beauty:

I still need to get in bed by 10 PM and wake up at 6 AM. I did this about half of the time in January. But then I pulled some late-nighters trying to get some work done while everyone was asleep, and to make up for all the lost time with guests and ladies’ Bible studies, etc. But no matter what needs to get done, I need to try to get it done before 10 PM. I am struggling with a not-so-nice cold, which is all the thanks my body gives me for abusing it so.

In February, I also need to track my calories on My Fitness Pal every day. I did okay with my paleo diet in January. I did cheat often towards the end because we had guests, and it wasn’t working out well to eat something different. But now that I’m no longer doing paleo, I need to really count the calories.

Organization and renovation in my home: I am excited that my parents are coming to visit, for the first time in a decade! So I have some items on my list that I think should be done before they come.


In January, all that got done from my massive to-do list were beginning the ladies’ Bible studies for the year, organizing three different Sunday Schools’ curricula (and teaching two of them), and scheduling the songs for worship through June. Thankfully, my expectations were not high. I didn’t expect to be able to pursue some projects until I had first organized my life a little better at home. Little by little, it will all get done. “Nibbled to death by ducks,” is the way a famed educator whom I love says it. I just need to keep doing little bits and not give up.


I have decided not to blog about these. I am happy though, that blogging about my goals at least reminds me of the goals I wrote down in this category so I can still be intentional about doing them. I do know that in February I need to rethink through a system of home management, specifically in the chores and cleaning department. So that will take some time to organize, but hopefully it will save time and make our house better in the future. I read some parts of Large Family Logistics in January and got some ideas from there.


I got a lot done in this category in January (in spite of unexpected distractions)! One of my challenges was to create a schedule–to consider how to shuffle all of the kids and their subjects, and how to help my oldest child become more independent in some of his subjects (and which ones). I still have many things on the list, but only some must be done in February. Of course, once I actually began homeschooling, almost all of my free time for planning or organization disappeared. So now I am not sure from where the time will come to organize the other items remaining on the list, but I will keep chipping at it.

Here are some of the things I must do in February:

  • complete reading list for the school year for Caleb and Colin (we read books that coincide with our history topics)
  • decide how much of our art curriculum to use; make copies where needed
  • make an assignment checklist for the kids to keep them focused on their tasks and encouraged to be more time-conscious (so they have more time for play!)
  • make portfolios from the last few years
  • store away textbooks and teacher’s manuals unused this year (that are piled all around my bedroom…)
  • plan for activities scheduled in the curriculum; gather or purchase supplies
  • get our music CDs for music appreciation into the computer and tablet
  • choose and print out some poems for our memory review notebook
  • print out some science printables for our human body study
  • plan a scope and sequence for Tsonga (our modern language)  Seth is teaching the boys, but Seth and I both feel that we need to make a plan to teach this better, not so haphazardly.
  • print some handwriting review worksheets
  • prepare a kindergarten program–Scripture memory, read-alouds daily (The basics are covered with ABeka, but I want to make sure I take time to read aloud to them from picture books. I am considering using Five in a Row [a literature-based social studies curriculum for 4-8 year olds], so I still need to plan which activities I would do for that curriculum.)

It would encourage me to hear about your resolutions or goals if you made any! My sister has a link-up here for anyone else blogging about their goals this year. You can join any time.

About Amy

I'm Amy, a missionary wife and homeschooling mother of five children, blogging about our lives and perspectives on culture in South Africa.
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4 Responses to 2017 New Year’s Goals: February

  1. Kathy Mullins-Engelhardt says:

    Amy, you are a wonder. You do so much–caring for and teaching your family, housework (I hope the kids help with this), teaching bible studies and sunday schools and preparing for them. Remember to care for yourself also to keep you strong for all you do (that is where the 10:30 pm bedtime comes in). My best to you and all of your wonderful family.

    I get nearly nothing done in comparison to you! I do have more time for things I enjoy. Stay Strong, it does get better as the kids get older. Kathy M-E


  2. Ann Bedford says:

    I so admire you. I think I am busy but reading this makes me feel lazy.

    The Lord is my rock, and my fortress, and my deliverer; my God, my strength, in whom I will trust; my buckler, and the horn of my salvation, and my high tower. Psalm 18:2

  3. 3 Mrs. Judson’s? gonna have to check that out; must have missed something somewhere along the way

  4. Sarah Stevens says:

    Wow…you are amazing and inspire me! Also, I’m halfway through To the Golden Shore and The Three Mrs. Judsons sounds so good! Gonna have to look into that!

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