About the Meyers


I’m Amy, married to Mr. Incredible Seth Meyers, happy stay-at-home mom to four sweet children, whose names all start with “C” and who were all born in April. We like to be organized. 🙂 Arguably we like to cause confusion as well.

Caleb, 7

Caleb, 7

Colin, 5

Colin, 5

Callie, 3, our only girl

Callie, 3, our only girl

Carson, 2

Carson, 2

We also happen to be missionaries to the Tsonga (and some Venda) people of South Africa. Our mission defines, and has drastically changed, our lives. We’re on the frontlines of an eternal battle. Please pray for us.

My first post explains why I’m blogging.

22 Responses to About the Meyers

  1. kirinjirafa says:

    Yaaaay! Love the new blog!

  2. Jeanette says:

    I’ll be following along!

  3. Clarinda says:

    Great blog. I loved all the photos of the kids. It is great following along with you guys in your mission. Love you all

  4. lynn & diana boger says:

    Amy, this looks great!! Love, Dad

  5. Jessica Wenger says:

    Hi Amy–
    This is great!! Love reading about your life there in Africa. I had tears and laughs just in my first reading session. 🙂 Can’t wait to read more. The pics are sooo cute.

  6. Ray Hibbs says:

    Amy….what a joy to see you and Seth serving Him so faithfully!! I think of your both oftner and pray for you!!! Great pictures too!!!

  7. I have nominated you for a Beautiful Mama Blog Award. 🙂
    I have posted your blog address on my latest blog. Hope that’s OK. If you want to join in, have a read of how to pass on the blessing! – Victoria

  8. adelien says:

    Nice to see you.

  9. Sandy says:

    Hi there!
    I’m South African! I feel totally excited to have found your blog! And we are planning on doing Christian classical homeschooling!! I only know 2 other families doing it in SA! We are from Pietermaritzburg (currently in Tanzania). Grateful that other Christians come to our beautiful land to share the hope of the gospel, and so challenged to live missionally! It’s so easy to get caught up in worrying about the future and crime etc here, and forget that God has put us here for a reason, and our earthly safety and comfort is so small in comparison to His kingdom!

  10. Stopping in from Thoughtful Thursdays. Seeing your pictures and posts gives me such hope. My son and his wife are missionaries in Japan with Campus Crusade and are hoping to start a family soon. With them being so far away my heart aches at times thinking about all the difficulties they face. Though it will be difficult, your stories give peace to a mother’s heart. Thanks for sharing.

  11. Brad Venter says:

    Hi Amy,
    We are South Africans, but currently live in Papua New Guinea (near Aus) and are missionaries with MAF (Mission Aviation Fellowhip). In only 3 short weeks we will be headed back to SA on furlough for 4 months! Yay, looking forward to the break and our family and friends! Your blog is great … just read the part about what to say and what not to say to missionaries! “So, how is PNG?” is our typical one! I’ll be reblogging that very useful info on our blog too! It’s so great to see how God uses people from every nation to every nation!
    God bless you and your family, love

  12. Amy, have you read the Poisonwood Bible?

    • Amy says:

      I have not, but I’ve heard from a missionary friend that I should try reading it sometime.

      • oh, Amy, need to start getting on here more, sorry so long seeing this – not sure really I feel why a missionary friend would feel that way – I personally didn’t find it very edifying – only reason – I think – I asked is because part of it is set in South Africa, but, like think said, in a very different setting than you probably are – do you feel free to talk politics a little?

      • did you get a response from me? thought just sent one but don’t see it, so if this is a duplicate I apologize, just like did for not seeing it sooner; need to get on here more – little surprised missionary friend would recommend it, I didn’t find it edifying though been told it’s quite recommended in Christian circles, only reason I asked is because it’s partly set in South Africa, but, like said, wouldn’t think in your circles – do you feel free to talk politics a little?

  13. I’m so sorry; if I could figure out how to delete this 2nd one, I would

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