Grammar Comparison

ABeka Language~Grammar Comparison

Rod and Staff Building Christian English~Grammar Comparison

Primary Language Lessons~Grammar Comparison

First Language Lessons~Grammar Comparison

What I Chose for Grammar

Below is a free downloadable PDF with a table comparing my top four grammar choices in price, description, strengths, and weaknesses, as well as other choices I like, all in one chart, if you’d rather read it that way. I ask that you not share it with others but rather direct them here to download it for themselves:

Grammar Comparison

4 Responses to Grammar Comparison

  1. ah0302 says:

    Great comparison! We use PLL and I really like it. I love that it adds a gentle component to our day. Honestly I think my son is learning a lot from it, even though it doesn’t seem so outright ‘grammar’ like. I do agree, though, that some of the concepts are unfamiliar, but I just use that as a chance to expose him to parts of American culture that are new! I don’t know if we will stick with it forever, but for now I like it! Thanks for sharing your comparison!

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