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The Ruins of Great Zimbabwe

Our visit to Great Zimbabwe, a medieval African site Continue reading

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African Logic: Vote for the Dead Guy

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Border-Hopping with the Boers

“Don’t let your kids walk alone down to the river behind the house. There might be crocodiles.” I laughed inwardly at how strange it was to hear such a statement. It reminded me of South Africa’s incredible diversity. Cities host … Continue reading

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Books to Introduce Mandela and South Africa

As I wrote yesterday, missionaries need to learn more about the history of their host culture. Here are some books for different age levels to introduce Nelson Mandela or South Africa in general. Most of these I have not read … Continue reading

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The Many Jobs of a Missionary~ Historian

Yesterday after church a teen girl asked me, “Do missionaries have to finish grade 12?” She has expressed interest in being a missionary, and I got the impression that she was hoping I’d say, “No! Missionaries? What education do we … Continue reading

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Weekly Report: The Mixture of Life

Last week we only held school two days because of Thanksgiving. I used this story to teach the boys about America’s national holiday. How odd then, that the very next week, we fast-forward to modern times across the ocean. Nelson … Continue reading

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Striking Out

On occasion I’d like to share a little of the economical picture here in South Africa. Economics touches our lives directly in so many ways. Missionaries often need to stretch themselves to consider ideas they didn’t think came with the … Continue reading

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Giving Up Fun for Good Friday

Holidays remind the far-flung family member of home, tradition, and making memories with family. I still feel disappointment at the lack of Christmas “spirit” over here. But after having several years to adjust the lens of my worldview a bit, … Continue reading

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