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Renaissance Chicks vs. Modern Models

We’ve been studying the Renaissance lately in our homeschool, and the thought occurred to me: Why are women in Renaissance paintings so chubby? If you google that exact question, you’ll get some interesting responses–and pictures. I thought perhaps one response … Continue reading

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Reclaiming the Word “Missional” for Missionaries

Did you know that the word “missional” has several connotations and connections these days that makes many in-real-life missionaries leery of using the term themselves? That’s annoying. I mean, the adjectival form of the word mission works perfectly for my … Continue reading

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Struggling with Hunger

Huh? Are they referring to all the people dieting?? This statement does not reflect my experience in the States.

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To Say or Not to Say?

…and how much? These are my questions on Missional Mondays when I want to share Africa with my readers and loved ones. Missionaries live their lives getting a taste of what it means to be a pilgrim, to be in … Continue reading

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Giving Up Fun for Good Friday

Holidays remind the far-flung family member of home, tradition, and making memories with family. I still feel disappointment at the lack of Christmas “spirit” over here. But after having several years to adjust the lens of my worldview a bit, … Continue reading

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