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On the Subject of Cheese, Triage, and Blogging

View image | gettyimages.com A while ago, Seth’s best friend gifted him with a stack of old issues of Credenda Agenda, a magazine put out by Doug Wilson and friends (and family). What a nice gift. We’re still working our … Continue reading

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A Story of Shipments

It was funny—while we were in the States on furlough this last summer, there were two occasions in which we happened to be with two other missionary families. It wasn’t planned, just happened. And on both occasions while I was … Continue reading

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The Weight of Furlough

Furlough can put a lot of weight on the missionary–both figure-atively speaking and literally. The reasons for this may be apparent. 😉 The missionaries’ job while on furlough is to visit people and present their ministry. Basically, sit around and … Continue reading

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Years of Effort

Here is my day-late Missional Monday post–our last two prayer letters, which communicates my lack of writing lately. The first dates from August 28, the second September 13. LIVING ON THE ROAD While Paul and Barnabas were staying “no little … Continue reading

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Back on Track

Before going on furlough to America, we took some precautionary measures against invaders. And it was a good thing too, considering that they did come. Our first week has involved two big-ticket items for me: undoing those precautions to make … Continue reading

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Furlough Flight with Four Kids

We left my parents’ home in America last Tuesday at 4 PM in order to make our flight at 8:30 PM. Going through the red tape, lines, and security checks at the airport are the most stressful part of the … Continue reading

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The Tour

I am not sure how other missionaries organize their travels during furlough; but because of our philosophy of missions, we just completed a six-week tour of the United States. We saw five supporting churches, our mission board, Seth’s seminary, friends, … Continue reading

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Taking Over the Playground

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The Joy of Family (the “Other” Side)

If my family monopolized the month of May, Seth’s took June. In-laws are notorious for being bashed for quirks and faults, but I am blessed to have a friendly relationship with mine. That is, we usually get along great for … Continue reading

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The Joy of Family

My greatest desire for furlough is to reconnect with family. In May we had several opportunities to make joyful memories with my side of the family. First, a very special opportunity: my sister invited us to dinner at her house … Continue reading

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