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His Rich Love Exceeds Our Praise

Come thou fount of ev’ry blessing, Tune my heart to sing Thy grace. Streams of mercy never ceasing, Call for songs of loudest praise! Happy Thanksgiving! Today we planned to meet with our teammates for a Thanksgiving celebration, but we … Continue reading

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Dune Fun

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Beached Jellyfish

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Vacation? What Vacation?

Ladies, we don’t live in a goldfish bowl…I’m afraid it’s more like under the microscope. This quote came from a thought-provoking, humorous discussion I was in recently with other BMWs (Baptist Missionary Women) when a lady shared the criticisms her … Continue reading

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Adventures with a Baobab

This tree was so neat. One side almost had steps you could walk up; and the other side hung down very low, almost touching the ground.

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Going Away and Getting Going

We had a lovely 5 days away at a “farm-lodge” near the Zimbabwean border last week, and so it was with creaky joints that we jumped back into village life and… a new school year this week! (The pictures interspersed … Continue reading

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Giving Up Fun for Good Friday

Holidays remind the far-flung family member of home, tradition, and making memories with family. I still feel disappointment at the lack of Christmas “spirit” over here. But after having several years to adjust the lens of my worldview a bit, … Continue reading

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Good Friday and Happy Birthday

My favorite, funniest, and craziest Good Friday memory happened last year: We were going to have our first baptism in our village directly following a Good Friday service. (We were usually only able to baptize when we met with other … Continue reading

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A Slithery, Squawky Birthday

I haven’t been out of the village since the first week of December, when I went to town to buy groceries. After our busy weekend, we decided to celebrate my birthday on Tuesday by visiting a snake and bird park … Continue reading

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Holiday in Musina

We were thankful to take a holiday this past week in Musina, the town bordering Zimbabwe. It was a little over an hour drive—a perfect distance away. We spent our time relaxing, playing with the kids, reading books, teaching Caleb … Continue reading

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