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The Ruins of Great Zimbabwe

Our visit to Great Zimbabwe, a medieval African site Continue reading

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A Bad Break for a Good Boy

After months of change, I had hoped that we could settle into a more usual routine in March, including blogging. Last Monday on March 2, we began our first day of homeschooling for the year. (We usually start our new … Continue reading

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Officially Not a Newbie Anymore!

I’m so excited to announce the end of our school year! I have officially completed three years of homeschooling my children. And they’re actually reading! 🙂 I figure three years is a respectable amount of time to say you’ve been … Continue reading

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Cast Off and Anchors Aweigh, My Boys!

We’re feeling a sense of relief and excitement this week as we see the end of our school year approaching. It’s so fun to be able to “check off the box” for a subject that final time for the year. … Continue reading

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When Cures Hurt

Ah, a “normal” week. I went to church on the weekend, homeschooled my children five days, and prepared to teach a women’s Bible study tomorrow on meekness. Anytime I prepare for the ladies’ Bible study, my time for writing at … Continue reading

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Belated October Goals

I keep getting later with my goals’ posts. Guess that’s typical for the end of the year, right? I almost didn’t do it this month, but I’ll try to just go fast. Here’s my online accountability group for this year. … Continue reading

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Typical Homeschooling: Drop Stuff Off Your Roof

  Every spring when my favorite bush, the Yesterday Today Tomorrow bush, blooms, I try to get a picture in front of it with Callie. This year, we were a bit late, but still managed our picture after church on … Continue reading

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ABeka Book Spelling ~ Spelling Comparison

The plethora of curricula available to homeschoolers today is dizzying. While wading through the options and recommendations, I eventually made charts of my top three to four choices for history, math, grammar, writing, and spelling to narrow them down. I … Continue reading

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Monthly Report: Visitors and Broken Bones (not necessarily connected!)

Seth was gone for 10 days in the beginning of September, and when he came back, he brought his dad with him for a visit until the end of September. I had personal health concerns, and then Carson broke both … Continue reading

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Seeking a Day of Rest

Ministry Mama, when is your day of rest? Haha! Hoo-hoo! What a joke, you’re probably thinking. DAY? Did you say DAY of rest? The other day I read another missionary lady’s Facebook post sharing her great discouragement in the ministry … Continue reading

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