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Seeking a Day of Rest

Ministry Mama, when is your day of rest? Haha! Hoo-hoo! What a joke, you’re probably thinking. DAY? Did you say DAY of rest? The other day I read another missionary lady’s Facebook post sharing her great discouragement in the ministry … Continue reading

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September Goals

I know this is late,(a week late to be precise), but it really doesn’t matter that much, as my post will make clear. I don’t have huge goals for this month. But I am often happy when I do take … Continue reading

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Aztec Hot Chocolate, Mayan Math, and Incan Corn

The last two weeks, we stuffed each week of school into only four days of school, because I took off Monday each week: last week, to go shopping (by myself!) in town–for the first time in two months! I don’t … Continue reading

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Farther Than Timbuktu

This week we studied the medieval history of Africa and the kingdoms that made Africa “heard-of” to Europeans of the time. The kingdoms of Songhay, Ghana, and Mali caused Africa to not seem as “dark” of a continent as it … Continue reading

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Spelling Workout ~ Spelling Comparison

The plethora of curricula available to homeschoolers today is dizzying. While wading through the options and recommendations, I eventually made charts of my top three to four choices for history, math, grammar, writing, and spelling to narrow them down. I … Continue reading

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Navigating Our Way Through African Life

Have you ever had one of those weeks that felt like three? This week seemed packed. Late Wednesday night, Seth drove our guest back to her home to stay until her fiance (a church member) can discuss the bride-price with … Continue reading

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The Big and Little Events of Life

Having dragged myself away from teaching the gentle art of baby relief to the stressed mother of a gassy newborn, I thought I’d proceed to give a quick update of our lives across the sea. I have two weights on … Continue reading

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It’s a Girl! ~ Weekly Report

We have a new baby in our house! She’s cute as a button. Our guest had her baby last Saturday. I’ve gotten a small share of holding and bathing baby since then. She doesn’t seem to be colicky, but is … Continue reading

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August Goals (Yes, We’re Still Talking about Goals)

Hello! Anyone out there who still remembers their New Year’s Goals? I know, I know–we’re still talking about that? What?! Wasn’t January, like, a decade ago? Here’s my online accountability group for this year. It’s not too late to join … Continue reading

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What I Learned from My Homeschool Room: People Are More Important

As I’ve been excitedly sharing, we have been converting our garage into two rooms–a larger homeschool room and a smaller storeroom. Recently we took a midyear break from school, and we hoped to finish the room so that we could … Continue reading

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