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If You Give a Pastor a Pickup

As our rainy season approaches, I remembered a little yarn I wrote several years ago during our rainy season about my husband and how we couldn’t seem to think of the perfect car for transporting people to church on the … Continue reading

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Cast Off and Anchors Aweigh, My Boys!

We’re feeling a sense of relief and excitement this week as we see the end of our school year approaching. It’s so fun to be able to “check off the box” for a subject that final time for the year. … Continue reading

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Contradictory South Africa

This is a perfect example of the inconsistencies we’ve found in South Africa. Right under their logo, Liquor City puts a prayer: “God bless South Africa.” While Europe beats the world for alcohol consumption, South Africa is a close follower … Continue reading

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The Pastor’s Paycheck ~ A Prayer Request

My husband has been preaching through 1 Corinthians this year, and yesterday he arrived at the first half of chapter nine in which the apostle Paul challenges the Corinthians over their lack of financial support for him. We deem this … Continue reading

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When Cures Hurt

Ah, a “normal” week. I went to church on the weekend, homeschooled my children five days, and prepared to teach a women’s Bible study tomorrow on meekness. Anytime I prepare for the ladies’ Bible study, my time for writing at … Continue reading

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Belated October Goals

I keep getting later with my goals’ posts. Guess that’s typical for the end of the year, right? I almost didn’t do it this month, but I’ll try to just go fast. Here’s my online accountability group for this year. … Continue reading

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Typical Homeschooling: Drop Stuff Off Your Roof

  Every spring when my favorite bush, the Yesterday Today Tomorrow bush, blooms, I try to get a picture in front of it with Callie. This year, we were a bit late, but still managed our picture after church on … Continue reading

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“And in Nothing Terrified”

A few months ago when we celebrated 10 years in Africa, I mentioned that I would share some verses that have encouraged us to keep going in ministry, even when outward results seem unimpressive. I have since shared one passage … Continue reading

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Monthly Report: Visitors and Broken Bones (not necessarily connected!)

Seth was gone for 10 days in the beginning of September, and when he came back, he brought his dad with him for a visit until the end of September. I had personal health concerns, and then Carson broke both … Continue reading

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Seeking a Day of Rest

Ministry Mama, when is your day of rest? Haha! Hoo-hoo! What a joke, you’re probably thinking. DAY? Did you say DAY of rest? The other day I read another missionary lady’s Facebook post sharing her great discouragement in the ministry … Continue reading

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