History Comparison

Tapestry of Grace~History Comparison

BiblioPlan~History Comparison

My Father’s World~History Comparison

Plethora of History Options~History Comparison

Why I Chose My Father’s World

Below is a free downloadable PDF with a table comparing my top three history choices in price, description, strengths, and weaknesses, as well as the multitude of other choices I researched, all in one chart, if you’d rather read it that way. I ask that you not share it with others but rather direct them here to download it for themselves:

History Comparison

4 Responses to History Comparison

  1. ah0302 says:

    What a great summary! We are using Veritas Press and I LOVE it. Like you noted, you do not have to use the curriculum at the stated grade. I’m using it with my 5 yo right now. We memorize the timeline (even my 3yr knows most of it!) and then read a story and do some sort of activity to go along with each timeline card. You mentioned that it looked pricy. It would be if you bought every book they recommended new. I’ve only been using books I find at the library, so the only cost would be the teacher’s guide and timeline cards, which is less than $50 for the year and can be reused with siblings if need be. Anyways, thanks for sharing about all those history programs!

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