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Our Epic, Whirlwind Visit to Zimbabwe

Our family trip to Zimbabwe Continue reading

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The Racist Missionary

Jonah is an anomaly. His book is unique among the prophets because it is entirely autobiographical. He did not desire the incredible ministry successes he experienced. God took the initiative to show His grace to the Assyrians by sending them … Continue reading

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The Most Undesired Ministry Success Ever

Soon after thinking about a summary of Noah’s ministry, I recalled a sermon my husband preached at a supporting church on the book of Jonah. We had fun contrasting the two “ministries.” Noah Mission field: the very wicked people of … Continue reading

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The Most Successful Ministry Failure Ever

When Seth and I were seeking counsel on whether or not to return to our suddenly-shockingly dangerous mission field, one counselor made some pithy statements that stuck with me; and I’ve ruminated on them since. That meeting was quite humbling, … Continue reading

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An Open Letter to the Missionary (Woman) Quitter

When criminals entered our home last December 2nd and attacked our family, our lives changed completely. The obvious, immediate question after the crisis was, “Do we quit being missionaries?” It was an excruciating question to work through, partially because it … Continue reading

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On the Subject of Cheese, Triage, and Blogging

View image | gettyimages.com A while ago, Seth’s best friend gifted him with a stack of old issues of Credenda Agenda, a magazine put out by Doug Wilson and friends (and family). What a nice gift. We’re still working our … Continue reading

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A Bad Break for a Good Boy

After months of change, I had hoped that we could settle into a more usual routine in March, including blogging. Last Monday on March 2, we began our first day of homeschooling for the year. (We usually start our new … Continue reading

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Saved by the Mud

I mentioned that rainy season was about to begin here, and last Sunday that was proven correct in classic style. It was raining hard for the second day in a row with a chilly wind. Rainy days are always low … Continue reading

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The Grass Is Greener on the Other Side of the Ocean

We all tend to think that everyone else has it easier and better than we have. We’ve noticed this sentiment in some of our church members. One young man says he wants to start a church (a noble idea), but … Continue reading

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If You Give a Pastor a Pickup

As our rainy season approaches, I remembered a little yarn I wrote several years ago during our rainy season about my husband and how we couldn’t seem to think of the perfect car for transporting people to church on the … Continue reading

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