June Goals ~ Still Truckin’ Along

It’s time again to check in with my online accountability group on our goals for this year. Sigh. I’m trying to still be excited about my goals for the year. 🙂 Anyone else still goin’? Join in, share your goals and progress either on your own blog or in the comments section here. Here are my May goals. This time I think I’ll streamline this report by simply mentioning overall how I did in each category, and listing my incremental goals for June.


In May I texted some ladies in the beginning of the month but overall have been discouraged with lack of growth amongst our ladies. I was, however, completely surprised when some ladies bought me a gift and presented in church on Mother’s Day! That has never happened before to Seth or me!

I got rid of a lot of lip balm when we went to Joburg but didn’t actually sell much. I was hoping to make some contacts to sell for me in Joburg, and I did make a few potential contacts.

In June, I’d like to text four ladies in our church to encourage them to follow Christ. I’m hoping Seth will have time to market my lip balm in town a bit. I will make several more jars of it and send some to Joburg; hopefully I’ll find time when we take a week’s break off of homeschool. I am not sure at this point if we will have a ladies’ meeting or not this month; I’m planning that this weekend. We will be hosting American and South African friends twice this month.


In June I’d like to do some special gifts or meals for Seth for Father’s Day and for our anniversary at the end of the month.


Carson is well on his way to being toilet trained! That is an accomplishment! He’s not there yet though, so we’ll still be working on him this month.

I am working on taking more time with Callie and Carson before our school day begins, so I’m going to really try to go to bed and get up earlier. We hope to go on an outing once this month. I still need to plan it, though.


  1. I need to finish organizing Callie’s preschool curriculum Letter of the Week this month. I got a third of it printed and organized, and we began in May. She learned the letters A and E. 🙂
  2. This month I need to print out the science papers for Caleb’s next science lapbook, finish an All About Spelling “Cheat Sheet” for level 3, and do some copywork pages. I also need to have some artwork printed for our “picture study,” which I just purchased. I did start piano lessons with Caleb!


I’m still working on reading my Bible every day, being more persistent in praying for my children, husband, and our people, exercising three times a week (I failed the last few weeks because of traveling and my back giving me trouble), and cleaning clutter spots regularly. I have been regularly blogging about meekness, and that’s been a blessing to me.

This month, I really want to change my sleeping schedule. So, the first week of June I want to be in bed, lights out, by 10:30. The second week, bedtime by 10:20. The third week, 10:10. The final week, 10 PM!


Here’s my tentative reading list for 2014.  I finished the pertinent parts of The Well-Educated Mind last month, and began Don Quixote. This month, I’d like to read at least half of Don Quixote. (I’d really like to finish it all!)

I’m feeling tired. It’s winter here. We’re approaching the halfway mark of our school year. When most of my friends across the ocean are feeling energized because of the end of school and the beginning of summer, I’m feeling jealous! 🙂 How are your 2014 goals going?

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I'm Amy, a missionary wife and homeschooling mother of five children, blogging about our lives and perspectives on culture in South Africa.
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5 Responses to June Goals ~ Still Truckin’ Along

  1. Wow, 10:00 sounds great. I’m having a hard time getting blogging done during the day, so it is mostly done after the kids are in bed = late nights. I think now that we are halfway through the year, it is normal to look at the goals and maybe have to change some up to fit where we are right now. Summer is totally different for me than the school year.

    • Amy says:

      10 PM does sound great, doesn’t it? I really need to do it, though, or I fail at several of my other goals. My summer hits at the end of the year, which is a perfect time to change up goals anyway. 🙂

  2. mandy says:

    Dear Amy. I guess one of the down sides of goal setting is seeing what you didn’t do. If you just stumble through life you don’t know what you didn’t do because you didn’t set the goal 🙂 but then you don’t get the satisfaction of meeting the goals you did set either. You have inspired me to do some of my own goal setting and I’ve been trying to inspire my Sunday School teachers to take up the challenge as well. Love Mandy

    • Amy says:

      Thanks, Mandy! I do think I’m getting more done this way than without the goals. I’m glad you guys are trying it. 🙂

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